Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roof Repairs

Not on the house, and not much sawdust involved, but some splinters for sure.

A few years ago I built a couple shade shelters for the horses. Essentially just roofs on poles that provide some shade from the sun in the summer and protect from moisture in the winter if we feed out there. I never completely finished trimming them, mostly because it's a pain to drag tools out there and that came back to haunt me. My wife noticed one of them had metal loose on the edge, and it was flapping around. With a forecast of winds gusting to 50mph, I thought I should work on it.

When I got out there,I found that along the edge, the screws had pulled through the OSB board and that was why the metal was loose. My first action was to screw down a few of the screws into the wooden joists, which weren't in line with my other screws, but no one can see the roof, so it's no big deal.

As you can see, there wasn't a side trim piece, so my plan was to add a 2x4  to the end with hurricane straps and then add a covering piece of metal trim. The wood is below, and it was a bit of a challenge to try and secure it while up in the air myself. I managed to measure the spot and then screw the strap to the 2x4 first before attaching it to the structure.

That done, I screwed down the metal to it, lining up screws with the 2x4 and other joists while it started to rain. To top if off, I was 1000' from the barn, further from the house, and the drill battery started to die. I managed to get enough screws to hold (I hope), load the ladder on the ATV, and ride back.

Only one side done, another needing to be done this weekend, but at least this should keep the metal intact in the weather.

A small rip is in one end piece as well, so I'll need to go patch that at some point as well.