Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Building a Box

We set up our arena to run the lights off a generator since we expect it to be used only 100-120 hours a year, and that makes for an expensive electrical run.

We got the lights up, the generator bought, and now we need a place to put it. Having it inside doesn't work for a few reasons: CO2, noise, and it's hot.

The plan was to then put the generator in an all weather box. I searched around for some plans, and read what some people had done, and then decided I should build my own. The first step was building a sturdy base. I did that with some 2x6s and OSB, bracing the floor with 4 cross joists.

It was quite sturdy, and I think it will do well. Now I need to add some sides.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Virtual Lathe

A friend sent me this animation from Grizzly tools, and I thought it was pretty neat. You can power up the lathe and make cuts in the wood, allowing you to see how the tool works. It’s hard, and you don’t get the feedback you get with an actual tool, but it’s a neat way of explaining to people how a lathe works.