Saturday, August 3, 2013

Slow Feeders

My wife bought a slow feeder made of plastic for almost $300 this year. It worked OK, but it was a little small. She has more horses coming, and wanted more, so I set out today to build one.

I looked online at a few people's videos, looking how they'd designed them and came up with something that was simple and I thought it would work. I planned for 3, but then decided to get only parts for 2 at the store. Here's what I got:

  • 2 4'x8' sheets sanded BC plywood
  • 12 8' 2x4s
  • 2 8' 1"x1"s
  • 1 8' TREX board
I should have gotten some 1 1/2" screws, but forgot, thinking I had a huge box of 2 1/2" ones. When I got home I realized those wouldn't work. fortunately I had some 1 1/2" nails, which I substituted.

I had the plywood cut into 2'x4' slices and put one of those down. I cut a 2x4 to length, and nailed it along one end. I cut the rest into 2 23 7/8" pieces, which went along the sides.

Flipped over, it looks like this:

That's a side panel. From there, I cut more 23 7/8" pieces to join the ends on. I lined them up here, and then using my long screws, fastened them to the sides.

When I had both side pieces set, I cut the end panel into a 23 7/8" square (allowing for blade waste) and then fit things. This gave me a side, and I cut a 2x4 to fit across the top.

Another view

With my 2x4s screwed onto the ends, I nailed the end pieces in, and as a result, I had a box with no top or bottom.

I cut my 1x1 and put that at the bottom as bracing, and then sliced the TREX pieces, which fit in. I didn't screw them in, as I wanted my wife to check spacing, and then I'll know how many more pieces I need.

I repeated the process again, faster this time, and for about $110, I have 2 mostly done. Tia needs to get the top grid for the hay, and I need more TREX, but I'm guessing I can put one of these together for about $110-$120, depending on what the top costs.