Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sports Rack - Ski holders

With most of the sports rack put together, I was getting anxious about finishing it. The weather has been really cold, so I've been avoiding staining things. Plus, I needed to putty holes and add the ski racks. With a warmer day, I managed putty, and then decided to handle the ski racks.

When I  originally set this up, I added the two vertical posts on each end, intending for these to frame my ski rack. With those up I aligned two 8" 2x4 scraps next to a set of skis and notched the pieces for a holder that I'd make. Here's a semi-side view.

These were screwed in, and one they were, I rounded a piece of plywood off to serve as the holder. However I didn't want to leave it like this.

I hand guessed at a handle, and then used a jigsaw to cut out the handle pieces. With a router, I rounded off all edges and then a combination of hand and power sanding the things smooth. This will need to be finished.

With that done, I had a ski holder.

 I wasn't sure about poles, and for now they're hanging on the skis. Not sure if I want to add anything to the middle. Once I was done, I did it again.

Ski rack semi-complete. Now to sand and stain it tomorrow if the weather holds up.

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