Friday, January 4, 2013

A Solar Water Heater - Getting Started

This is not the kind you might think of from the title. I wasn’t trying to heat water for our house, but rather just keep water from freezing for horses out in the pasture. We don’t have power out there, and keeping water liquid is an issue.

My wife found a plan at Build It Solar, and I agreed to try it.


The first thing was a trip to the Home Depot. I loaded up with the following

  • 3 sheets OSB
  • 2 sheets foam insulation, 1.5”
  • 2 8 ft 2x6
  • 4 8ft 2x4
  • various screws

I wasn’t sure how things would go together, but I got started.

The Base

The first thing was to get the base. I had a water tank, around which this thing was going, so I started there, measuring the tank top. With those measurements, I cut out two pieces of OSB, which would be my base.

Photo Dec 15, 2 56 10 PM

I used a utility knife to cut the insulation to fit and what you see is the base on which the tank will sit. This should insulate the tank from ground head losses, with a cover around it.

I’ll talk about the cover next.

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